August 2010 Monthly Archive

Ramon Mohamed and Nick Clegg

Meeting with Nick Clegg

On the 20th of August I had a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. I shared with him my recent experiences in Afghanistan and Pakistan and we had a conversation about the government supporting the building of schools and teacher training colleges especially for women. He also supported my partnership with Sheffield University School…

Communities Live! 23-08-2010 at 12:00

You can listen to an interview/podcast on my experiences growing up in Sheffield and my trip looking at schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan on Sheffield Live! on August 20, 2010. Or you could go to the Sheffield Live! website and listen there.

Sheffield Live! 93.2fm

I will be discussing my mixed heritage childhood and recent experiences in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Azad Kashmir on Friday 20th August between 12pm-1pm with presenter Amna Kaleem on Sheffield Live! 93.2fm