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Ecclesfield Primary School Sheffield

Had a fantastic day at Ecclesfield Primary School working with Sheffield University School of Architecture and Year 5 children discussing design ideas for a school in Puckhtoonkwha. Children at the school came up with innovative ideas after presentations from Leo and myself. Children at the school worked in groups and compared spaces at their school…

Pukhtoon Schools Project

I recently approached Prue Chiles Director of Sheffield University School Architecture and her associate Leo Care and asked them if they would support my project of building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. After several meetings Prue, Leo and myself applied successfully for KT Rapid Response Funding. The project received a sum of ¬£7000 to help…

Mardan Rural Girls School

Pakistan April 2010

I went to Pakistan for 2 weeks during the Easter period to visit relatives and explore schools, however, because of the volcanic erutption in Iceland I wasn’t able to fly back until 2 weeks later! I looked at schools in the Mardan and Swabi areas of Pakhtunkhwa and met with the Vice Chancellor of Mardan…


My name is Ramon Mohamed and I am a multiple heritage Education Consultant. I am interested in raising the profile of education in Afghanistan and Khyber Pucktoonkhwa, by building schools, building a nation.