Pukhtoon Schools Project

I recently approached Prue Chiles Director of Sheffield University School Architecture and her associate Leo Care and asked them if they would support my project of building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. After several meetings Prue, Leo and myself applied successfully for KT Rapid Response Funding. The project received a sum of £7000 to help develop a creative dialogue between schools, teachers and children. This initial phase of the work was to help form a design brief for the creation of one school.

We decided to call the project Pukhtooon Schools Project ( PSP ) in response to the recent change of name from the North West Frontier of Pakistan ( NWFP ) to Pukhtoonkhwa. Having visited both sides of the Afghanistan and Pakistan border I found that the Nangrahar and Pukhtoonkhwa Provinces were dominated by Pushtoons.

I was approached by Stephen Spencer, head of 6th form, at Thetford Grammar School in Norfolk who showed a keen interest in supporting the project. After many long email conversations with Stephen, Leo and myself spent last Wednesday at the school giving presentations and encouraging a dialogue of how the students thought a school would look like in Pukhtoonkhwa. The students worked in groups to write and draw as well as give presentations

We all left at the end of the day both encouraged and very excited about the outcomes.